Luye Investment Group

Sprouting Period


Shandong Luye Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Luye Investment Group, was founded, based on the development of the pharmaceuticals industry.

Mar. 1999

Yantai Luye Animal Health Co., Ltd. was set up, marking that the group entered the veterinary medicine industry.

May 2001

The joint venture Wuhu Luye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was set up, marking that the group went into the traditional Chinese medicine field.

Growth Period


The group carried out the research of the Jiaodong Cultural Plaza project, and started on the exploration of the culture industry and health real estate.


The group built the Jiaodong Cultural Plaza construction team, and formed the prototype of Yantai Luye Real Estate Co., Ltd..

Dec. 2009

Yantai Luye Investment Co., Ltd. was founded.

Jan. 2010

The group set up Shandong International Biotechnology Park Development Co., Ltd. and started the operations of the park.

Mar. 2010

The group set up Yantai Jiaodong Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and started the operations of Jiaodong Cultural Plaza.

Mar./ Aug. 2010

The group respectively broke ground for Jiaodong Cultural Plaza and Biological Technology Park.


The group set up Jilin Changbai-Luye Ginseng Industry Co., Ltd. to enter high-end ginseng health products industry.

Sep. 2011

The group set up Yantai Pula Valley Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. to officially start the Pula Valley Wine Chateau Cluster project.

Blossom Period

Feb. 2013

Yantai Luye Real Estate Co., Ltd. was founded.

Dec. 2013

The group is renamed Luye Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Shandong Bioanty Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was founded.

Feb. 2015

The group set up Nature wise ginseng industry


Wuhu Luye PharmaceuticalCo., Ltd. won the title of “2015   National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”
Shandong International Biotechnology Park  won the title of “2015 Yantai Hi- tech Zone Technology Innovation Advanced Company”
In December, Yantai CellZone Medical Diagnostics Center obtained the first license of “Independent medical laboratory” in Yantai.
In August,  Pula Valley was identified as “Shandong eco-leisure agriculture  demonstrative garden” and “Shandong pollution-free Agro-Food Area” by 
Department of Agriculture of Shandong Province and Tourism Administration of Shandong Province.