Product R&D Director

Company:Yantai Luye Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Education:Bachelor Degree
Working years:5 years at least


1. Conduct survey and research at early stage of the project, participate in project positioning and assist in the overall project planning and preparation of design specifications.
2. Supervise and complete project design scheme and control the design quality and the schedule.
3. Audit and planning of the project scheme, provide coordination and guidance, and make clear relevant specifications for specific projects to ensure compliance with the design plan.
4. Participate in the project tendering, bidding and contract negotiation.
5. Audit and improve project design schedule, and supervise the implementation.
6. Study, understand and follow the trends in architectural planning and design of similar buildings in China or foreign countries, and provide periodic research reports.


1. Age under 45, Bachelor Degree in architecture.
2. Senior architect title, the national first-grade registered architect qualification is preferred.
3. More than five years work experience in Class-A design Institute, or real estate enterprises, or more than three years work experience in the same management position.
4. Excellent design concept and manuscript design ability, Proficiency in related design software.
5. Good control and judgment on large and complicated projects; strong capability in technical guidance, specialty insight and aesthetic views.
6. Familiar with the building design, construction specifications, and national and local regulations; familiar with the professional design standards and related standards.
7. Good communication and organization skills and team spirit.
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