Electrical Designer

Company:Yantai Luye Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Education:Bachelor Degree
Working years: 5 years


1. Participate in the argumentation and decision-making of the project; put forward professional opinions for the decision-making.
2. Compile part design specifications in the business range.
3. Communicate with the design company about the design requirements and concepts and promote the design work in each phase.
4. Verification and validation of the intermediate outcomes as well as the design at each phase.
5. Provide professional technical support and technical information within the business scope during the external approval process of various phases of the project.
6. Put forward the engineering and technical requirements such as the equipment and materials for the project, understand the suppliers and their product information and assist the bidding work.
7. Make the cost optimization scheme for the design within the business scope and assist with the investment cost control.
8. Confirm the important design changes within the business scope during the construction phase and assist to solve problems at the work site.
9. Assist with the project inspection and acceptance work.


1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in weak current and strong current.
2. Work experience in the design or development of large real estate project.
3. Familiar with the design of intelligent, strong and weak electricity circuit design, and familiar with CAD software, good practice ability and good language skills.
4. Strong sense of responsibility, hard work, initiative, and team spirit.
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