Quality Management Specialist

Company:Shandong International Biotechnology Park Development Co., Ltd.

Education:Master Degree
Working years:2 years at least


1.Keep improving the quality management system; participate in the compilation, issuance, daily management, revision, and training on the standard operating procedure.
2. Supervise and inspect the initiation and implementation of the platform project, and formulate the inspection plan according to the project content and duration, and issue the inspection report.
3. Laboratory management.
Establish the ledger for equipment and instrument, conduct regular instruments inspection, calibration and routine management; responsible for the monitoring and management of laboratory wastes, toxic products, such as narcotics; responsible for instrument external services management; responsible for platform budget plan, Office supplies, reagents consumables and other daily management.
4. 6S inspection of the Park.
5. Regular internal audit of quality management system and make timely follow up on the unqualified items to make sure they are corrected.


1. Master degree or above, majored in pharmacy.
2. 2 years work experience in the quality management, or R&D, GMP/GLP, CNAS CMA, or related work in pharmaceutical company.
3. Receive annual trainings on GLP, drug administration laws and regulations, and quality management, and related skill training.
4. Understand the drug administration regulations both at home and abroad in terms of quality management, and combine them with actual practice. Good at finding out problems during implementation of the research and development project and be able to make the right judgment and disposal; received good training,  good communication and coordination skills.

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