First Transgenic Mice (the World’s 5th Kind) were Born in Yantai

Shandong International Biotechnology Park’s Biotechnology Center has successfully bred the first transgenic mouse in China with “human antibody light chain gene cluster”, and the Center has become the first independent “human monoclonal antibody” drug research platform in China. There are only five kinds of transgenic mice in the world.

According to Dr. Feng Dongxiao, Senior Director of Biotechnology Center, the transgenic mice will promote the development of “human monoclonal antibody” drug which has proprietary intellectual property rights. It is expected that the Biotechnology Center will build an internationally advanced  “human monoclonal antibody” drug R&D base in 5~10 years.

Monoclonal antibody drug has no toxic and side effect as synthetic drug and it has been successfully applied in the treatment for tumors, cancers and other diseases. While traditional production method of Monoclonal antibody is very complicated and is expensive. The new production technology by transgenic animals or plants is a new trend.

The transgenic mice bred in Yantai can generate monoclonal human antibody which is safe and effective. It greatly expands the source of antibody and will help to reduce the prices of such drugs and it also fills the technology gap in China.

Due to the limit of fund and production scale, many enterprises cannot afford a whole set of advanced technology equipment, while in the common platform as Shandong International Biotechnology Park, enterprises only need to pay a little for using the equipment to conduct related research work.
As the transgenic mice were bred in Shandong International Biotechnology Park, the Park will attract more hi-tech enterprises.