Shandong International Biotechnology Park and MRC Technology, to cooperate in Anti-AD New Drug

Yantai, China, November 19 2014 -- Shandong International Biotechnology Park (BIOasis) and MRC Technology (MRCT) held an anti-AD new drug cooperation signing ceremony. Fu Fenghua, general manager of BIOasis and Michael Dalrymple, Director of Business Development at MRC Technology signed the agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will jointly develop a new drug in anti-Alzheimer’s-disease. According to statistics, there are 35 million sufferers with Alzheimer's disease; by 2030 this figure will double and by 2050 to reach 115 million. In China, the incidence of AD is about 5 percent. About 6 million people ill with AD and the number will increase by three to four million each year. Therefore, the project not only has great commercial value, but also has far-reaching social significance.

The agreement marks BIOasis entered a substantive stage in cooperation with world-renowned research institutes. Next BIOasis will cooperate more with world-class research institutions and partners based upon this cooperation to promote the development of bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry.

About MRC & MRC Technology

The Medical Research Council (MRC) is a publicly funded government agency responsible for co-ordinating and funding medical research in the United Kingdom. It is one of seven Research Councils in the UK and is answerable to, although politically independent from, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The MRC focuses on high-impact research and has provided the financial support and scientific expertise behind a number of medical breakthroughs, including the development of penicillin and the discovery of the structure of DNA. Research funded by the MRC has produced 30 Nobel Prize winners to date.

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