Yantai  ASJ  Animal Health Co.,LTD is a company specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of animal prophylactic and curative drugs, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals (BPC), biological preparation, and nutrient additives. It is a famous enterprise in veterinary drug industry.

The company pays high attention to the product R&D. It invests a large amount of scientific research funds to new product research and development every year to ensure its products always being in the leading position. At present, the company has two new veterinary drugs in Class III, five new veterinary drugs in Class IV, and now is positively declaring 2 products for Class III new veterinary drugs. The company also pays attention to protect the intellectual property, and strives to build the famous brand. At present, the company has owned more than 60 registered trademarks, and is positively applying for several appearance design patents.

Yantai  ASJ  Animal Health Co.,LTD  persists in the branding development, and pays high attention to the intrinsic quality management of the products. From the raw materials to the finished products, the company has established the perfect quality monitoring system according to the veterinary drug GMP standard, and strictly carries out the “one-vote veto” system to the quality problems in the production process, preventing the sub-quality products flowing into the market and safeguarding the farmer’s interest.


Yantai  ASJ  Animal Health Co.,LTD.’s sales marketing network has spread all over the country, and built the southern area, the northern area and 6 offices. It now has established the nationwide marketing network that connects the dealers, distributors, group customers, and terminal customers, and provides the customers with comprehensive solutions with professional technological services.

At the same time, the company positively expands the international market and takes part in the international market competition. At present, the company’s products have been exported to more than ten countries and districts like Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Middle East, and the product quality is recognized and praised by the users. The company is adopting positive measures and investing more strength to register the products overseas and expand the market share in the foreign countries, laying the foundation for the company’s international strategic development.