Yantai Jiaodong Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luye Investment Group which is dedicated in the development of culture industry. The Company’s main business covers entertainment industry, art exhibition, creative culture and cultural tourism.

Our Projects:

Jiaodong Culture Square is the key cultural industrial park of Shandong Province, which is located at Gangcheng East Street, Laishan District, Yantai City. It is the center for the Company’s business development, which integrates culture, art, tourism, education and training, etc.

Jiaodong Theater is the representative of the company’s entertainment industry which is locate in the Art Center of Jiaodong Culture Square. It is one of the symbolic modern theaters in Yantai city and it can accommodate more than 900 audiences. The internal environment is elegant, comfortable and full of artistic atmosphere and cultural connotation. It has first-class stage equipments which can meet the requirements of any level of performances by artistic organizations and artists all over the world. It was completed in 2013 and was awarded as “Excellent Theater” in the 10th China Art Festival. Officially opened on 17th May, 2014, Jiaodong Theater will provide citizens with wonderful performances by the principle of “Providing Pragmatic, Efficient, Delight and Benefit Services”.

Yantai Urban Art Gallery is the representative of the Company’s art exhibition industry which is located in the Cultural Center of Jiaodong Culture Square. The total floor area is about 5,500m2 and it has various sections for exhibition, display and office area etc. There are three large exhibition halls, one multimedia room and impeccable supporting facilities, added up to 3000m2. The project aims at establishing a hi-tech modern gallery and promoting the development of art activities in Yantai. Yantai Urban Art Gallery will provide an open and comprehensive communication platform for visual culture in accordance with international standards.

Creative Culture is the company’s main direction in the future. The business covers culture-industry base, creative mansion, art hotel, etc. Culture Industry Base will recruit various talents and enterprises to promote the development of cultural industry supported by our perfect facilities. Creative Mansion will provide talents, information and technology for cultural industry, service industry, and tourist industry. Art Hotel will provide living and office areas with unique artistic atmosphere for commercial personnel, creative talents and artists.

Cultural Tourism business includes Kaibu Culture Street, Jiaodong Culture Street and Jiaodong Vitality City etc. On Kaibu Culture Street, you will see buildings of different exotic styles which restore the scenes of old days in Yantai. The unique block mixes the oriental and western cultures. It will become a bright spot of Yantai’s tourism and the center for arts exhibitions from various countries. Jiaodong Street brings you delicious food and folk customs of Jiaodong area, where you can experience the local culture and enjoy wonderful performance. Jiaodong Vitality City is a fashion and entertainment center consisting of KTV, movie theatre, food plaza, video games and clothing stores, which will be the first choice for recreation and entertainment in Yantai.

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