Jilin Changbai-Luye Ginseng Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the group’s subsidiaries specializing in the development of ginseng industry. The company adheres to the philosophy of "organic ginseng, technological ginseng and cultural ginseng" and focuses on the ginseng planting, the development and sales of ginseng food and health food, and is comitted to providing the customers with safe and healthy ginseng products.

The company has world-leading ginseng fine processing production line and an organic ginseng GAP planting base of more than 3000 mu. The GAP base is located at the foot of beautiful Changbai Mountain, facing North Korea across the river. It has a beautiful environment and is far away from the pollutions. It's internationally recognized as a high-quality ginseng producing area.

Jilin Changbai Luye Ginseng Industry Co., Ltd.

The company attaches importance to the R&D of ginseng, including dozens of product-types like beverage, instant granule and honey extract.  The formulation of each product has been validated by experts in many ways. According to the traditional Chinese medicine’s balance theory, the products are composed of many rare herbal medicines that are compatible with ginseng, and are refined through the modern processing technology. Therefore the products can not only tonify human body, but also effectively minimize the side effect of ginseng products like "Ginseng Abuse Syndrome"( suffering from excessive internal heat).

Guided by the group’s strategy of developing the grand health industry,  Jilin Changbai-Luye Ginseng Industry Co., Ltd. strives to become a leading company in the domestic ginseng industry and build the first-class brand in ginseng industry in China, supported by Changbai Mountain natural green ginseng resource, solid R&D capability, advanced production equipment and excellent management experience, and adhering to the mission of "Professional Technology Serves Human Health" and the philosophy of "Talent and Technology Based, Pursuing Perfection and Nobleness".